AZAD Pharmaceuticals LLC

TITLE:  Technical Maintenance and Supply Manager

TERM:  Full-time

DURATION:  Long-term, with 3 months of probation period

LOCATION:  Yerevan, Armenia

JOB DESCRIPTION:  AZAD Pharmaceuticals is looking for a Technical Maintenance and Supply Manager to be responsible for overseeing a range of custodial and maintenance activities.

- Responsible for maintenance of the heating/ cooling/ ventilation system, which means regular (daily) checking of the system condition at all level/ pressure of antifreeze (e.g. in case it is less to refill it), regular checking of sucking ventilation capacity (hood by hood), fixing of related problems; be the contact person with specialists in case of specific problems which he/ she can't solve on his/ her own;
- Responsible for maintenance of electrical supply system in the lab, regular (monthly) checking of the critical electric hubs, fixing of minor electricity related problems, and refiling and maintenance of electrical generator;
- Responsible for water supply system and water pumps maintenance and fixing small problems (replacement of rubber gaskets of valves, etc.);
- Take care of small technical issues: repair/ replacement of door hinges, maintenance/ regulation of the mechanical parts of lab furniture;
- Responsible for the supply of related consumables (nails, screws, wires, gaskets) from the nearby shops the Company have contract with;
- Support/ help the Equipment Officer in terms of maintenance of the special lab equipment (vacuum oil refiling, cleaning of pumps, etc.);
- Responsible for maintenance of general (non-chemical) equipment, e.g. fridges, freezers, water electrical heaters, printers;
- Take responsibility for the stock of the resources/ consumables, and have clear picture what is available and needed; be in a direct contact with the Office Manager in terms of organizing corresponding consumables.

- Basic technical education;
- Work experience in the related fields is highly desirable;
- Good understanding of electricity and mechanics basics;
- High level of self-organization and motivation;
- Honesty and responsibility;
- Good interpersonal skills for working in a big team;
- Computer skills; MS Office skills, particularly Word and Excel for reports and accounting is highly desirable.


APPLICATION PROCEDURES:  All interested candidates are welcome to send their CV to: indicating the title of the position ("Technical Maintenance and Supply Manager") in the subject line of the email.
Please clearly mention in your application letter that you learned of this job opportunity through Career Center and mention the URL of its website -, Thanks.

OPENING DATE:  16 January 2019


ABOUT COMPANY:  For information about the Company, please visit:

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