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TITLE:  Chief Transformation Officer (CTO)

TERM:  Full-time

DURATION:  Permanent

LOCATION:  Yerevan, Armenia

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Teach For Armenia is building a movement of leaders who will reshape what it means to provide an excellent education for all children across the nation. It aims to cultivate students who can harness their voices and shape a changing world while being committed to their communities. This will require support at every level of leadership, from its teachers in the classroom to the highest-ranking officials. Teach For Armenia aims to accomplish this vision by recruiting promising leaders, both in Armenia and from across the diaspora, to teach for a 2-year commitment in schools where their knowledge and skills are needed. In the long-run, the Organization is cultivating a network of changemakers, inclusive of its students, their communities, its Alumni, government officials, community partners, supporters, and affiliates from across Teach For All.

The Role:
The CTO is charged with the tremendous responsibility of bringing to life Teach For Armenia's vision and mission by overseeing all of the Organization's programmatic activities. These activities include recruitment, selection, and matriculation of its Teacher-Leaders, the preparation and ongoing support that it provides them during the 2-year service and beyond, as well as the development of other innovative initiatives that will drive systems-level change. As the Organization moves towards a regionalized model, the CTO will manage the Director of Recruitment and Selection, the Director of Learning and Innovation, as well as 2-4 Regional Directors. Temporarily, the Chief Transformation Officer will report to the Interim COO. By August 2020, the CTO will report directly to the Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

The Team:
Currently, Teach For Armenia places 123 Teacher-Leaders across 100+ schools in 7 marzes as well as Artsakh. For the 2020-2021 school year, it aims to recruit 80+ Teacher-Leaders from a pool of 800 applicants. By August 2020, Teach For Armenia also aims to implement a new regional model, which will divide the country into 2-4 divisions, each led by a Regional Director who will manage a team of regional staff members. Its regional teams will develop locally relevant programming for Teacher-Leaders and Alumni through a process of co-creation with the Learning and Innovation Team. The Chief Transformation Officer is ultimately in charge of making sure that all of these teams working across the nation partner with one another in meaningful collaboration.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:  For this role, the key responsibilities will include:
Driving Strategy (10%)
- Develop strategies that will help the Organization to realize its vision of system-wide transformation;
- Partner with the CEO and other executive leaders to develop and execute short-term and long-term strategic plans;
- Ensure that teams under CTO supervision have in a place ambitious goals with comprehensive plans in order to realize the Organization's long-term priorities;
- Oversee Teach For Armenia's leadership framework, and ensure that the Organization is promoting leadership at every level, starting with its students and all the way up to the highest offices in the nation.

Leading Team (40%)
- Equip team leaders with the resources necessary to drive change and provide the space for teams to lead in order to achieve impact; when necessary, help team leaders to remove roadblocks;
- Promote strong project management with clear ownership and decision-making processes across the teams under the CTO's direction;
- Coach and develop direct reports so that they are prioritizing the right actions in order to achieve progress towards goals, and ensure that they are doing the same for their teams;
- Work with team leaders to develop personalized professional development plans for all staff members so that all individuals working under the CTO feel as though they are learning and growing;
- Keep a focus on team culture, retention, and staff satisfaction.

Facilitating Cross-Functional Collaboration (20%)
- Liaise with functional teams across the Organization in order to ensure that Regional Directors have the support that they need in Finance, Human Resources, Regional Partnerships, and more;
- Support the Learning and Innovation Director in orchestrating strong collaboration with the Regional Directors;
- Foster strong communication and collaboration when launching new initiatives that involve teams across the organization.

Ensuring Stakeholder Management (20%)
- Empower Regional Directors and their teams to cultivate strong relationships with municipal governments, school leaders, and other community-based partners as well as supporters;
- Serve as the local representative responsible for maintaining relationships with municipal governments and other partners;
- Promote strong communication and collaboration across the Organization when external stakeholders are involved in initiatives under the purview of the CTO.

Supporting Org-Wide Initiatives (10%)
- Serve on other working groups and projects as needed.

Note: Teach For Armenia is a growing nonprofit working within a dynamic system. Its team must be agile as it grows in scale. It is looking for leaders who are resilient and adaptive. That is to say that responsibilities may shift over time.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS:  Teach For Armenia may be the place for those who believe it is important to foster a values-driven workplace that is centered on leadership. its team must be comprised of culture-builders who exemplify the type of leadership it is striving to cultivate in its classrooms and across the system. This means each staff member must strive to exemplify its Core Values, hold himself/ herself to the highest of standards while owning up to mistakes when they falter. For this role specifically, Teach for Armenia is looking for a candidate who possesses the following key competencies:
- Driving strategy: this role requires a visionary leader who can think 5-10 years beyond the current reality and develop strategies as well as action plans that will lead to a radically improved future for the students;
- Building culture: as an executive leader overseeing a large branch of operations within the organization, the CTO must be an exemplary leader of people by fostering a positive work environment where all teammates can thrive and are held to high expectations;
- Leading and developing teams: as a leadership development organization, it is essential that each and every member of its network is growing, this includes the staff. The CTO must be highly skilled at coaching teammates and helping them to reach their potential;
- Collaboration and co-creation: given the new regional model, the CTO must ensure that the Regional Directors are working in close collaboration with the Learning and Innovation Team. The programming must be responsive to the needs of the communities where they work. As such, the CTO must model the co-creative process;
- Program management: teach For Armenia runs multiple large scale projects with stakeholders from the Ministry of Education and other high-profile entities. The CTO needs to be comfortable orchestrating complex initiatives and developing sustainable programs.

Aside from these core competencies, Teach for Armenia is also looking for the following qualifications:
- At least 10 years of experience leading teams is preferred;
- Special consideration will be given to individuals with nonprofit management experience, especially those working in mission-driven environments with a focus on education or child welfare;
- Fluency in both Armenian and English languages;
- At least a bachelor's degree; however, many staff members at Teach For Armenia possess a master's degree or higher;
- A deep connection to the Armenian context is required, with a preference for individuals who have previous work experience in Armenia;
- Required candidate level: C level.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES:  To apply for this position, all qualified candidates are encouraged to submit their Resume and Cover letter with an indication of their motivation to apply, as well as relevant skills and expertise for the position in the English language through the following link: https://teachforarmenia.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=35 by the deadline. Early applications are encouraged. The vacancy will be closed once the suitable candidate is selected, even before the deadline for application submission.
Please clearly mention in your application letter that you learned of this job opportunity through Career Center and mention the URL of its website - www.careercenter.am, Thanks.

OPENING DATE:  24 September 2019


ADDITIONAL NOTES:  The Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity: Teach For Armenia is an organization that strives to elevate the voices of its students and their communities. As such it is an organization that is committed to equity and it strives to build an inclusive environment. Candidates from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

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