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TITLE:  Managing Director, External Affairs

TERM:  Full-time

DURATION:  Permanent

LOCATION:  Yerevan, Armenia

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Teach For Armenia is building a movement of leaders who will reshape what it means to provide an excellent education for all children across the nation. It aims to cultivate students who can harness their voices and shape a changing world while being committed to their communities. This will require support at every level of leadership, from the teachers in the classroom to the highest-ranking officials. Teach For Armenia aims to accomplish this vision by recruiting promising leaders, both in Armenia and from across the diaspora, to teach for a 2-year commitment in schools where their knowledge and skills are needed. In the long-run, the Organization is cultivating a network of changemakers, inclusive of the students, their communities, its Alumni, government officials, community partners, supporters, and affiliates from across Teach For All.

The Role:
Teach For Armenia's Founder and CEO spends much of her time abroad, fostering international support for the Organization across the diaspora. As such, the Managing Director for External Affairs will serve as her local proxy when it comes to maintaining strong relationships with the government and donors while ensuring that Teach For Armenia's brand recognition continues to grow.

The Team:
In short, the purpose of the broader External Affairs Team is to do the heavy lifting so that the CEO can do what she does best, which is sealing partnerships that will help secure the long-term sustainability of the Organization. To achieve this, the Managing Director for External Affairs will ultimately manage the Director for Marketing and Brand Strategy, the Director for Public Partnerships, the Director for Regional and Community Partnerships, as well as a Manager for Private Partnerships. The Director for Marketing and Brand Strategy works across teams to ensure that Teach For Armenia's story of impact makes its way to a broad audience, including donors as well as potential recruits. The Director for Public Partnerships is charged with overseeing relations with national government officials and agencies, both in regards to operational agreements as well as funding. Meanwhile, the Director for Regional and Community Partnerships ensures that the Organization cultivates strong relationships with municipal bodies so that the Organization can continue to place Teacher-Leaders across the nation while also identifying community partners who can support the Organization's work. Lastly, with support from the Manager for Private Partnerships, the Managing Director for External Affairs will ultimately be responsible for fundraising in the private sector.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:  For this role, the key responsibilities will include:
Partnering with CEO and Executive Leaders (5%)
- Keep the CEO informed of key decisions and activities that require her approval and/ or action;
- Collaborate with the Chief Finance Officer, Chief People and Culture Officer, as well as the Chief Transformation Officer on org-wide strategic initiatives.

Leading Team (30%)
- Position team leaders to drive strategy for their respective functions;
- Equip teams with the resources necessary to reach goals while providing the space to lead; when necessary, help team leaders to remove roadblocks;
- Cultivate strong coordination across the External Affairs Team as well as cross-functional collaboration with other internal teams, especially when navigating relationships with external supporters;
- Develop strong systems and structures to ensure that the team is able to track all key activities, partnerships, and donations;
- Promote strong project management with clear ownership and decision-making processes across the External Affairs Team;
- Coach and develop direct reports so that they are prioritizing the right actions in order to achieve progress towards goals, and ensure that they are doing the same for their teams;
- Ensure that all members of the External Affairs Team have individual goals as well as personalized professional development plans;
- Keep a focus on team culture, retention, and staff satisfaction.

Fundraising (50%)
- Develop the Organization's short-term as well as long-term fundraising strategies;
- Serve as the lead for the Private Partnerships team;
- Leverage the Manager for Private Partnership to ensure that all fundraising opportunities are exhausted;
- Cultivate strong relationships with the Armenian donor community, both locally and abroad.

Government Relations (10%)
- Support the Public Partnerships as well as the Regional and Community Partnerships Teams in maintaining strong relationships with government officials, both at the national and regional levels.

Supporting Org-Wide Initiatives (5%)
- Serve on other working groups and projects as needed.

Note: Teach For Armenia is a growing nonprofit working within a dynamic system. Its team must be agile as it grows in scale. Teach For Armenia is looking for leaders who are resilient and adaptive. That is to say that responsibilities may shift over time.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS:  Teach For Armenia may be the place for those who believe it is important to foster a values-driven workplace that is centered on leadership. The team must be comprised of culture-builders who exemplify the type of leadership Teach for Armenia is striving to cultivate in the classrooms and across the system. This means each staff member must strive to exemplify Teach For Armenia's Core Values, hold himself/ herself to the highest of standards while owning up to mistakes when they falter. For this role specifically, Teach For Armenia is also looking for a candidate who possesses the following key competencies:
- Managing up: as the CEO's local proxy for all things related to External Affairs, it is imperative that this individual understands how to "manage up" and equip her with the right information in order to secure and maintain key partnerships;
- Leading teams: the team that the Managing Director for External Affairs will be managing is incredibly talented. What the team needs is a leader who will give them the space to do their best work while ensuring that all activities with the stakeholders are executed with near precision;
- Fundraising: Teach For Armenia is moving out of the startup phase and preparing for scale. It will be critical for this leader to be an exceptional fundraiser in order to ensure the Organization's long-term sustainability and ambitious growth plans;
- Stakeholder management: Teach For Armenia has garnered tremendous support, both in Armenia and abroad. From the Prime Minister of Armenia to celebrities in Los Angeles, the Managing Director for External Affairs must be a master of navigating relationships with VIPs;
- Building culture: the work being done by the External Affairs Team is high-stakes. That is why Teach for Armenia needs a leader who will work with grace under pressure, and can foster a collaborative culture through which teammates feel supported.

Aside from these core competencies, Teach for Armenia is also looking for the following qualifications:
- At least 10 years of experience of leading teams is preferred;
- Fluency in Armenian and English languages; proficiency in Russian language is a plus;
- Demonstrated track record of success with fundraising with quantifiable results;
- Special consideration will be given to candidates who possess fundraising experience both locally in Armenia as well as across the diaspora;
- At least a bachelor's degree; however, many staff members at Teach For Armenia possess a master's degree or higher;
- A meaningful personal connection to the Armenian context.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES:  To apply for this position, all qualified candidates are encouraged to submit their Resume and Cover letter with an indication of their motivation to apply, as well as relevant skills and expertise for the position in the English language through the following link: https://teachforarmenia.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=32 by the deadline . Early applications are encouraged. The vacancy will be closed once the suitable candidate is selected, even before the deadline for application submission.
Please clearly mention in your application letter that you learned of this job opportunity through Career Center and mention the URL of its website - www.careercenter.am, Thanks.

OPENING DATE:  24 September 2019


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