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TITLE:  Labour Market Assessment Expert


DURATION:  5 weeks

LOCATION:  Shirak Marz, Armenia

JOB DESCRIPTION:  People in Need is looking for a Labour Market Assessment Expert. The main objective of the research is to identify current and future employment demand and supply gaps in textile and agribusiness sectors (other related sub-sectors) and identify the shortage of the labour market according to different job categories, required knowledge and skills.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:  Scope of work includes, but is not limited to the following:
- Reveal the respective labour market conditions and development trends, growth sub-sectors, and potential opportunities in Textile and Agribusiness sectors of Shirak region;
- Explore the existing job opportunities and the labour market supply and identify gaps between demand and supply;
- Reveal the existing sectoral occupations in the labour market, to compare their compatibility with professions and qualifications provided by the partner VETs;
- Identify forms and means of support to employers to enhance their professionalism and capacities;
- Conduct desk review of secondary data of textile value chain and agribusiness in Shirak region and collect primary data by visiting minimum 15 big companies and 40 SMEs in Shirak region (Gyumri, Amasia, Artik, Maralik, Ashotsk).

- Inception report: methodology including the main research methods, pre-designed questionnaire, the sampling framework, proposed sources of data, procedures for data collection and analysis, and table of contents. The proposed research tools will be discussed and approved by People in Need team before the data collection;
- Draft report in English language;
- Final report in Armenian and English languages (for each one electronic copy in PDF format and one in DOC format) with PIN Team suggestions and recommendations;
- Copies of all data collected during the research.

- University degree in Social Sciences, Business, Economics, Statistics or a related field;
- At least 3 years of relevant work experience;
- Knowledge of TVET sector;
- Armenian and English language skills;
- Report writing skills.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES:  The application should include the following documents:
- The Expert's CV, including minimum of 2 references;
- Technical proposal, including work plan;
- Financial proposal, including detailed breakdown of costs;
- Published research is a definite advantage.
The application should be sent to: rima.grigoryan@peopleinneed.cz with a heading "Labour Market Assessment Expert".
Please clearly mention in your application letter that you learned of this job opportunity through Career Center and mention the URL of its website - www.careercenter.am, Thanks.

OPENING DATE:  07 October 2019


ABOUT COMPANY:  What is PIN today began in 1992 when a group of journalists of the Czechoslovak "Velvet Revolution" teamed to form the Epicentrum Foundation, subsequently renamed "People in Need" (PIN). Yet, following the 1988 devastating Spitak earthquake, a group of students in the Prague had already initiated a fundraising campaign, which drew a wide public response. Consequently, 50 tons of humanitarian relief was sent to Armenia. In 2003 as per decision made by PIN a permanent representative office was established in Armenia, which still carries out various projects. Its activities focus on the issues of illegal migration and repatriation assistance to returning Armenians. Other topics tackled by the organization in Armenia are: a) prevention of child trafficking; b) support documentary filmmaking; c) implement "Teaching through films" methodology. During 2003-2008 PIN Armenian mission implemented "Prevention of illegal migration for Armenian citizens and implementation of development programs in regions", which was funded by the Czech Government. During 2009 - 2012 together with Armenian UN Association PIN Armenia have been implementing the "Reinforcement of management of migratory flows in Armenia" project with the financial support of EU and Czech Government. During 2012-2014 the organization implemented "Let's talk about films in Southern Caucasus" project. During 2013-2016 PIN Armenia and Armenian Relief Society (ARS) in cooperation with State Employment Agency of MLSA and with the financial support of European Union implements "Support of Circular Migration and Re-integration Process in Armenia" project. Since 2016 PIN Armenia implements the "Support to the reintegration of voluntary returnees through employment, social and business support funded by L'Office Français de l'Immigration et de l'Intégration, a French administrative public body. During 2018-2020 with the co-funding from the European Union People in Need (PIN) together with co-applicants Women Development Resource Centre Development Foundation, Shirak Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Amasia Municipality have designed an intervention to revive and modernise the wool value chain and the arts of wool crafts in Shirak region as a motor for job creation and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) development, thus increasing employment and economic competitiveness in the crafts sector in Shirak region through EU4 Shirak: Wool for Jobs project. During 2018-2021 together with the EU contribution to Armenia People in Need implements EU4Tourism: Outdoor adventures on historic trail in Syunik project. A tourist route between Goris and Kapan will be scouted, mapped and marked, with facilitation by tourism experts and participation of community members, students and volunteers. Interesting local legends, historical events and traditions will be collected with support of experts from Goris and Kapan museums, translated and included in promotional activities.

ABOUT:  The project is designed to support socio-economic development in Shirak region by improving the synergy between vocational educational institutions (VET) and the private sector. For this purpose, VET institutions' capacities will be enhanced, new mechanisms for VET-private sector coordination and work-based learning (WBL), apprenticeships schemes in short, non-formal courses will be piloted in the Textile and Agribusiness sectors. As a result, the quality and relevance of the target VET institutions' services and gaps between the education and private sector will be improved, thus the employability of VET students will be increased. The project activities aim at enhancing capacities of 4 VET institutions in Shirak region to monitor the labour market, improve cooperation with the business sector and facilitate the introduction of WBL. For this purpose VET Career Development Centre staff will be trained, a toolkit will be developed as a step-by-step guide for private sector mapping, management of business/ private sector database and graduate tracer studies. A new partnership between VET institutions and private businesses will be established. Thus VET-Private Sector Coordination Platforms will be established with the participation of the VET and private sector and other stakeholders. The 4 VETs will pilot the innovative approach of the dual system and Work-based learning by modernizing their Textile and Agribusiness sectorial curricula with WBL component as well as by developing and piloting market-based short-term courses.

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