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bullet Deli/ Dairy Section Manager / Carrefour Armenia
bullet Business Expert / Ayvazyan and Partners
bullet Branch Customer Host / Varks.am
bullet Financial Analyst / Bacon Product
bullet System Network Engineer / AMX
bullet Head of Corporate Finance Department / Ardshinbank
bullet Head of Unit for Ensuring Compliance / Ardshinbank
bullet Assistant to Accountant / Aras Food
bullet Network Admin Specialist / UWC Dilijan College
bullet Business Development Manager in Global Trade and Receivables Finance Department / HSBC Bank Armenia
bullet Chief Financial Officer / HSBC Bank Armenia
bullet Trading System Operations Team Lead / AMX
bullet Civil, Bankruptcy and Litigation Associate/ Lawyer / Concern-Dialog
bullet Administrative Assistant / Proshyan Brandy Factory
bullet Evaluator for "First Inclusive and Barrier-Free Bakery and Coffee Shop in Gyumri" Program / Armenian Caritas
bullet QA Automation Engineer / Energize Global Services
bullet Learning Coach in Yerevan / The Tumo Center for Creative Technologies
bullet Brand Manager / Lesona
bullet Healthcare Planner/ Engineer / Bainona International
bullet Senior .Net Developer / GAT Soft
bullet Game UI/ UX Designer / Intertech
bullet Sales Consultant / Chronograph Boutique
bullet Junior C#/ ASP.NET MVC Developer / VMDG
bullet Graphic Designer / Mr. Gyros
bullet Technical Support Specialist / RSM International
bullet Head of Customer Support of Armenia / FXTM Armenia
bullet Sales and Service Specialist / MoveCo Solutions
bullet Legal Advisor / Avenue Consulting Group
bullet Chief Financial Officer / Master Distribution
bullet Senior Java Developer / Energize Global Services
bullet Executive Assistant / Avenue Consulting Group
bullet Debt Collection Specialist / Avenue Consulting Group
bullet Marketing Manager / Derjava S
bullet National Consultant for Feasibility and Possible Structure Study on Natural Fodder Areas Management Information System / GIZ
bullet Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist / Fund for Armenian Relief, Armenian Branch
bullet Gyumri Branch Manager / The Tumo Center for Creative Technologies
bullet Quality Assurance Engineer / Fast Credit Capital UCO
bullet Software Engineer, IT Department / HSBC Bank Armenia
bullet Senior Accountant / Menu Group
bullet K-12 Teacher/ Librarian and Media Specialist / QSI International School of Yerevan
bullet Preschool Teacher / QSI International School of Yerevan
bullet Head of Legal Division / Evocabank
bullet Customer Support Specialist / Hosteeva
bullet Mathematics Teacher / RSM International
bullet International Business Development and Sales Specialist / Dexatel
bullet Financial Markets Analyst / FXTM Armenia
bullet Accountant Assistant / Mira Trans
bullet Logistics Manager / Mira Trans
bullet VIP Customer Service Specialist / Evocabank
bullet Loan Officer / Evocabank
bullet Teller-operator / Evocabank
bullet Accountant / Evocabank
bullet Accountant / Knauf Armenia
bullet Warehouse Manager/ Engineer / Knauf Armenia
bullet UX/ UI Designer / VVSoft
bullet Training Center Coordinator / Armenian Software
bullet Senior .NET Developer / ClubSixteen
bullet Executive Administrative Assistant / Yerevan My Love
bullet Expert Writer for Shadow CEDAW Report / Women's Empowerment Center
bullet Case Investigating Specialist / Office of the Financial System Mediator
bullet Regional Operations Manager / Sef International
bullet Head of Marketing Department / Tel-Cell
bullet Accountant / Atenk
bullet B2B Sales Manager / Lanar Service
bullet Chief Accountant / Ecoland
bullet SMM Specialist / Ameriabank
bullet Construction Project Manager / Optimum Energy
bullet Electronics Engineer / Optimum Energy
bullet Power Engineer / Optimum Energy
bullet Electrical Project Manager / Optimum Energy
bullet Sales Engineer / Optimum Energy
bullet Engineer/ Designer / Optimum Energy
bullet Grid Connection Engineer / Optimum Energy
bullet Full Stack Senior Web Developer / Raleigh & Drake
bullet Administrative Assistant/ Secretary / Concern-Dialog
bullet Head of International Business Division / AMarkets
bullet Office Manager / PicsArt
bullet Assistant to Chef / Little Farm
bullet Human Rights Expert / UNDP Armenia Office
bullet Customer Service Team Lead / Credit Consult
bullet Chief Executive Officer / Credit Consult
bullet Chief Risk Officer / Credit Consult
bullet Audit Intern / Ernst & Young
bullet Editor-in-Chief / Web Intelligence
bullet Web Content Manager / Navavan
bullet Front-End Developer / CargoMatrix
bullet Marketing Specialist / Atenk
bullet Recruiter / Yeremyan Projects
bullet Head of Legal Department / RESO Insurance
bullet Laravel Developer / Web Projects
bullet IT Project Manager/ Product Owner / Web Projects
bullet Managing Director of Cannery / Yeremyan Projects
bullet Office Manager / Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology
bullet Administrative Professional / GIZ
bullet Sales Manager / DPD in Armenia
bullet Technical Support Specialist / BlueNet
bullet PR Manager / Varks.am
bullet Senior Finance Assistant / Qatar Airways
bullet Lead Node.js/ React.js Developer / Fouraitch
bullet Head of VIP Service Division / Evocabank
bullet Tumanyan Branch Manager/ Evocabank
bullet Financier / GMG Logistics
bullet Logistics Operator / Outlaws Armenia
bullet Project Acquisition Specialist / VGM Partners
bullet Java Developer / Energize Global Services
bullet Platform Administration Specialist / Sef International UCO
bullet Responsible for Reinsurance / RESO Insurance
bullet SMM and Sales Specialist / Avenikh
bullet Financial Manager / Vink Consulting
bullet Auditor / Inecobank
bullet Fundraising Officer / Right Side Human Rights Defender
bullet Store Manager / Miniso AM
bullet Senior .Net Developer / BlueNet
bullet Fraud Management System Administrator / VivaCell-MTS
bullet Project Component Leader / Strategic Development Agency
bullet Business Consultant/ Marketing Specialist / Strategic Development Agency
bullet Medical Representative / Demi Pharm
bullet Marketing Specialist / Armenia Travel + M
bullet Content Manager / Yeremyan Projects
bullet Contact Center Agent / HSBC Bank Armenia
bullet Senior Marketing Specialist / Bacon Product
bullet PR Manager / SAS Group
bullet PR Manager / Next Armenia
bullet Executive Assistant / Yeremyan Projects
bullet Chief Accountant / Armsunproduct
bullet Chief Bureau Engineer / Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty
bullet Cyber Security Specialist / Ucom
bullet Senior iOS Developer, Video Team / PicsArt
bullet Junior IT Monitoring Specialist / PicsArt
bullet Project Manager / Armenian Energy Agency
bullet Marketing Manager / Accurate Group
bullet Primary Equipment Sales Manager / IKO Machinery
bullet Branch Representative / HSBC Bank Armenia
bullet Fellow of Leadership Development Program / Teach For Armenia
bullet Commercial Manager / Universal Closures
bullet Executive Commercial Assistant/ Office Manager / Universal Closures
bullet Senior Data Scientist / PicsArt
bullet Chief Operations Officer / Armenian Restaurant Association
bullet Senior Front-end Developer / e-Works
bullet Quality Assurance Engineer / e-Works
bullet Arabic Speaking Customer Service Representative / FXTM Armenia
bullet Company Director / Marnoe Elite Real Estate
bullet Senior C++ Engineer / Questrade Armenia
bullet Customs Clearance Specialist / Uniserve
bullet Customer Support Representative / Freighthaul
bullet Administrative Assistant / Legelata
bullet Hardware Designer / Olymp Engineering
bullet Reputation Management Specialist / Hosteeva
bullet Head of Food Court Chain / SAS Group
bullet Financial Analyst / Ucom
bullet Senior Front-End Developer / Intelligent Digital Technologies
bullet Android Developer / Intelligent Digital Technologies
bullet iOS Developer / Intelligent Digital Technologies
bullet Assistant to Sales Manager / Lifestyle
bullet Project Manager / Galaxy Concern
bullet Web Developer / SystroTech
bullet HR Specialist / Atenk
bullet Visual Merchandiser / Navavan
bullet Senior React Developer / Akna
bullet Administrator / Invitro
bullet Sales Manager / Invitro
bullet Executive Chef / Holiday Inn Express Yerevan
bullet Java Developer / Catches
bullet UI/ UX Designer / Prizm Design
bullet Python Developer / InfoNet Mobil
bullet Contact Center Specialist / Varks.am
bullet Junior Sales and Marketing Coordinator / Ogma Applications
bullet DevOps Engineer / Energize Global Services
bullet Recruiter / Tumo Center for Creative Technologies
bullet Content Creator for News Application / Web Intelligence
bullet Scientific Researcher / Institute of Economics, NAS RA
bullet WordPress Developer / PicsArt
bullet Travel Consultant / Santa Maria Tours Armenia
bullet Web Developer / ClinStatDevice
bullet Global IT Recruiter / Energize Global Services
bullet Senior QA Engineer / Energize Global Services
bullet QA Engineer / Energize Global Services
bullet Office Manager / InHouse Realty
bullet Logistics Specialist / Global Logistics

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bullet IT Intern / HSBC Bank Armenia

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bullet Master's Degree Program in Economics / The International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University

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bullet Russian Language Courses / Career Center
bullet English Language Courses / Career Center
bullet Intensive "TOEFL iBT" and "TOEFL ITP" Preparation Courses / Career Center

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bullet English Language Courses for Schoolchildren / Career Center

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bullet Professional Services – Information Technology / Smithsonian Institution
bullet All-Inclusive Publication about EU-SMEDA's Contribution in the Development of CCI Sector / GIZ

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