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bullet UI/ UX Designer / SFL
bullet Customer Support Representative / Freighthaul
bullet Consultant / Syrian Armenian Union
bullet Assistant Project Manager / Mikshin
bullet PR Specialist / Mikshin
bullet Supermarket Director / SAS Group
bullet Marketing Specialist / Public Television Company of Armenia
bullet Copywriter / NDigitec
bullet Digital Marketing Specialist / NDigitec
bullet Head of Production / Pavilion Furniture
bullet Head of Sales Department / Ar & Ar Design Construction
bullet UI Engineer / Mentor Graphics Development Services
bullet Director / Zod Wind
bullet Media Coordinator / Ucom
bullet Digital Innovations Product Owner / Ucom
bullet Mobile Developer / Tel-Cell
bullet Front-End Developer / Tel-Cell
bullet Tour Manager for Italian Market / Caucasus Holidays
bullet Tour Manager for English Market / Caucasus Holidays
bullet Commercial Director / IUNetworks
bullet Technical Support Engineer / EpygiArm
bullet System Administrator / Digital Edge
bullet Social Media Manager / Ameriabank
bullet Methodology Group Specialist / Ameriabank
bullet Technical Director / IUNetworks
bullet Specialist of ATMs and POS Terminal Technical Maintenance Unit / Anelik Bank
bullet Earthworks Foreman / Lydian Armenia
bullet Judicial and Lending Services Unit Manager / Converse Bank
bullet Senior Brand Designer / Bacon Product
bullet Deal Advisory Consultant / KPMG Armenia
bullet Store Manager / Zigzag
bullet Software Engineer for IT Department / HSBC Bank Armenia
bullet Debt Collection Specialist / Avenue Consulting Group
bullet Executive Assistant / Avenue Consulting Group
bullet Russian-Armenian Translator/ Editor / News.am
bullet Network Engineer / FINCA UCO
bullet Chemist/ Microbiologist / Jermuk International Pepsi-Cola Bottler
bullet Executive Administrative Assistant / Shant
bullet Call Center Specialist / Ucom
bullet Accountant / Jermuk International Pepsi-Cola Bottler
bullet Sales Manager / STDev
bullet Marketing Communications Manager / Efusoft
bullet Construction Project Manager / Ar & Ar Design Construction
bullet Chief Accountant / Deltapro
bullet UX Manager / Workfront
bullet Chief Specialist of Claim and Litigation Unit of Legal Division / Anelik Bank
bullet IT Reporting and Information Management Senior Expert / Veon Armenia
bullet Customer Experience Specialist / Ucom
bullet CRM Specialist, Development Department / Ameriabank
bullet Head of Treasury Operations, Bookkeeping and International Relations Unit, Financial Department / Ameriabank
bullet Senior Specialist of Tax Planning and Operations Group, Financial Department / Ameriabank
bullet Computer and Video Monitoring Hardware Specialist / Q-Group
bullet Chief Cook / Cherkezi Dzor Restaurant
bullet Restaurant Service Manager / Cherkezi Dzor Restaurant
bullet Store Manager / BD Group
bullet Lawyer / Grand Candy
bullet Senior Digital Marketing Specialist / Ucom
bullet Backend Developer / CargoMatrix
bullet Chief Accountant / Waelcon
bullet HR Manager / Dorado Web
bullet Translator - Mine Operation/ Mine Training / Lydian Armenia
bullet Scrum Master / IYC Armenia
bullet UI/ UX Designer / IYC Armenia
bullet Agile Product Owner / IYC Armenia
bullet Senior QA Engineer / IYC Armenia
bullet Senior Front-End Developer / IYC Armenia
bullet Procurement Specialist/ Accountant / Breavis
bullet Office Manager/ Executive Assistant to the CEO / Breavis
bullet Grants Coordinator / Save the Children, Armenia
bullet Event Coordinator / Opera Suite Hotel
bullet Medical Representative / Abbott Pharma
bullet Process Engineer / Lydian Armenia
bullet Freight Sales Coordinator / WolvesBP
bullet Web Developer / CargoMatrix
bullet Jewellery Orders Manager / JCA Jewellery Company of Armenia
bullet Chief Financial Officer / Galaxy Concern on Behalf of a Partner Company
bullet Office Manager / Control Print
bullet Consultant on Research Methodology Review and Data Quality Control for the Assessment of Integrated Social Services Implementation Process / UNICEF
bullet Project Assistant / Strategic Development Agency
bullet Graphic Designer / Anelik Bank
bullet Contact Center Specialist / Evocabank
bullet Sales Agent for "Boosting Technological Developments in Shirak Marz" Project / Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia
bullet Chief Executive Operator / MMA Armenia
bullet International Sales Manager / Dexatel
bullet Network and Operating Systems Administrator / Q-Group
bullet Senior Full Stack .NET Developer / Nubestic
bullet Software Engineer / Mentor Graphics Development Services
bullet Senior Software Engineer, Design to Silicon Division / Mentor Graphics Development Services
bullet Product Engineering Intern/ Contractor / Mentor Graphics Development Services
bullet Intern/ Contractor / Mentor Graphics Development Services
bullet HR Administrator / Family Network
bullet System Administrator / Family Network
bullet .NET Developer / SouthTech Consulting
bullet Head of Marketing / Digitain
bullet Senior JavaScript Developer / Digitain
bullet Senior C# Developer / Digitain
bullet SEO/ SEM Expert / NDigitec
bullet Salesperson for Ashley HomeStore in Armenia / Interfur
bullet Mathematics Teacher / RSM International
bullet IT Project Manager / Zangi
bullet Software Engineer in Test / Workfront
bullet Branch Representative / HSBC Bank Armenia
bullet Marketing Specialist / Lesona
bullet Chief Accountant / Lesona
bullet Business Development Manager / Euro Truck
bullet Senior Anuglar Developer / LaravelSoft
bullet Sales Executive / Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan
bullet Communications Strategist / Ginosi Apartels
bullet Mobile Application Development for Sef International UCO / Sef International UCO
bullet Web Development for Sef International UCO / Sef International UCO
bullet Digital Marketing and Branding Portfolio for SEF International UCO / Sef International UCO
bullet Logistics Manager / Sali
bullet Customer Support Engineer / VoIPShop Telecommunications
bullet General Manager for Ashley HomeStore in Armenia / Interfur
bullet Database Developer / Converse Bank
bullet Marketing and Sales Manager / Seven Smarts
bullet Sales Specialist / AM-PG Group
bullet Systems Administrator / Zeeonet
bullet Marketing and Sales Representative / Zeeonet
bullet Accountant / Timeless
bullet Internal Auditor / Haypost
bullet TV Media Planner/ Buyer / Publicis Hepta
bullet Architect / Urban Unit
bullet Financial Analyst / Armenian Harvest Promotion Center
bullet UI/ UX Designer / NDigitec
bullet Coordinator for Tourist Information Centre / IDeA
bullet Coordinator for City Market and Agro Pavilions / IDeA
bullet Software Engineering Manager / Workfront
bullet Vice-President/ Director of Acceleration and Incubation Programs / Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology
bullet Vice-President/ Director of Partnerships, Public Policy and Events / Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology
bullet Startup Specialist / Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology
bullet Innovation Analyst / Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology
bullet Fellowship Coordinator / Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology
bullet Office Manager / Zeppelin Armenia
bullet Front-end Developer / Lavr
bullet Senior Back-end Developer / 4h
bullet Product Manager / VOLO
bullet PHP Developer / SAS Group
bullet Lead Developer / 4h
bullet Senior QA Engineer / 4h
bullet Senior C# Developer / TechBay
bullet Internal Control Specialist / FINCA UCO
bullet Logistics Manager / Mira Trans
bullet Import and Logistics Manager/ Alpha Food Service
bullet Chief Accountant / Acino Pharma AG, Armenia
bullet Network Engineer / Startel International
bullet Content Development Section Coordinator / Tumo Center for Creative Technologies
bullet Senior Android Developer / Zangi
bullet Travel/ Ticket Consultant / D&V Travel
bullet Web Developer / E-World Systems
bullet Full Stack .NET Developer / Praemium RA
bullet Base QA Engineer / TechBay
bullet Junior QA Engineer / TechBay
bullet UI and Visual Designer / Synergy Armenia
bullet Doctor Expert / Rosgosstrakh-Armenia
bullet Reconciliation Specialist / FXTM Armenia
bullet Correspondent / AMI Novosti Armenia
bullet Market Development Officer of Shant Premium TV Channel / Shant TV
bullet PHP Developer / e-Works

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bullet Intern for "Private Sector Development and Technical Vocational Education and Training" Programme / GIZ

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bullet English Language Courses / Career Center

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bullet English Language Courses for Schoolchildren / Career Center

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