Important Advantages of Remote Work Part 1

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Important benefits of telecommuting PART 1

1. Work at your own pace Most remote workers can schedule their own time and work at their own pace. If you are tired, you can take a break or divide the work into two phases: morning and evening, and spend most of the day doing your personal affairs. For example, going to the gym or taking foreign language courses

2. Save time and money
If you spend about two hours a day on the trip (and prepare for it), then in a month it will already be 44 hours, and in a year it will be no less than 528 hours or 22 days

And add to all this lunches, breaks, cigarette breaks and conversations with less busy colleagues, and it becomes clear how much time you waste.

Now about the money:
Trips cost money, it doesn't matter if it's your own car or public transport. More money is spent on lunches and coffee, and at home, after all, all this is available in your favorite kitchen.

As a result, the savings can be very significant

3. Fewer patient sheets
How many times have you decided not to go to the office because you have a cold or are not feeling well? While at home, you can avoid unnecessary health risks and take care of yourself by taking your medication on time. Another fact proven by researchers is that people who work from home get sick less

4. More time for family/friends

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Social connections and contact with family are very important for any person. Unfortunately, if you spend all your time at work, commuting, etc., you just don't have the energy for it. And this remote work allows you to plan your schedule and spend more time communicating with people near and dear to you

To be continued…
Last updated on: Jan 14, 2023 05:53
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