Not Just Working, Here Are 5 Tips To Be A Successful Career Woman

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While working, you may often think of being a successful career woman. To achieve this goal, consistent and targeted steps are needed. In addition to completing tasks at the office on time, try to always give the best for work and be able to balance time with family. Here are some tips to become a successful career woman that you can apply:

A lot of action and not just planning
Quoted from The Guardian , it is not enough to just make plans and dreams without doing them consistently. In other words, the goal of becoming a successful career woman will not succeed without taking steps to start it. For example, if you are planning to develop your career and move up the ranks, consider taking certain training classes. You may also need a consultation with an expert to strategize a career growth pattern at work.

Discuss career plans with superiors
If you are serious, consider discussing with your boss about career growth plans. Especially if at work there is a regular salary increase or promotion program. If it is appropriate, the boss will certainly be ready to help you as much as possible together to build a career.

Participate in training and increase knowledge
Growing up and becoming  a successful career woman means that you need to invest in your own abilities, Mother. Examples of activities that can be an investment include attending training and reading related books. If indeed you have found a certain area of ​​work that you like, try to focus on improving that area. Some companies invest in professional development for staff. So make sure to take advantage of such opportunities if you can.

Think long term plans rencana
When setting goals to become  a successful career woman , support from family is certainly important. Discuss with your husband whether this target is possible to do without disturbing the balance of time with family. Remember, if the family is fully supportive and there is an opportunity, don't miss the opportunity!

Expand the network with colleagues
Networking both inside and outside the workplace, can be a good thing to build when you are planning to become  a successful career woman . According to consultant Margaret Buj, maintaining good relationships with the right people can go a long way toward career development. "Get to know the right people and impress them with your work. Building a strong network is worth the time and effort, especially when you're looking to build a career," said Buj, quoted from Live Career.

Last updated on: Jul 02, 2021 17:01
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