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There are numerous employment centers, job hunting sites or portals out there, which act as intermediaries when it comes to searching for information on Employment and Career. So, what makes careercenter.am stand out from the rest? 

Information Freedom 

First of all, careercenter.am was established in 2002 because the available job and career-related information softly saying weren’t openly available to everyone. One should know some people to even get information on openings. And certainly, one should "have some relationship" to get employed. This phenomenon is now gone for good thanks to careercenter.am! We're so glad many young people now don't even know such a thing ever existed :) 

Equal Opportunity Employer & Promoter 

careercenter.am is built on cornerstones of high cultural morale and fundamental principles to serve primarily individuals' equal opportunity employer with a zero-tolerance policy towards any sort of discrimination. This is something that neither the government nor any other employment or job portal is committed to or otherwise capable of carrying out, at least as efficiently as it is possible with careercenter.am. This is the reason why not all announcements are disseminated through the careercenter.am network. Many government agencies have already joined the careercenter.am by disseminating employment and career-related information when looking for qualified candidates. 

Consulting Companies 

careercenter.am brought the culture of correct announcement preparation and dissemination to thousands of organizations who they have been working with for about the last two decades now. This makes us a pioneer in training, consulting and in general forming an army of HR Professionals, who now are capable of preparing the job and other career-related information the way it should be. As a result  

Serving People 

careercenter.am has been created to primarily help people get relevant information, not with the purpose to make money. This is the reason why career center founders carried out the project on a pure volunteering basis for over 2.5 years since its establishment, and only afterward decided to make it sustainable through fees that organizations were supposed to pay for posting announcements. 

Cultural Reinforcer 

careercenter.am is the preference for job seekers or individuals who otherwise don't own a company because careercenter.am makes every possible effort to keep individuals from getting involved in any sort of undesired situations into which they might otherwise get into. And therefore careercenter.am should be the preference for those who do own a company as well. Because when companies announce or hire with any kind of discrimination, as a result, we fail to form worthy organizations, which in turn negatively reflects the formation of a society with a healthy atmosphere. 

Announcement Moderation / Filtering 

Compared to other so-called career portals Organizations pay for announcements because careercenter.am staff diligently review each and every announcement before those get disseminated. As such, there is no automated announcement dissemination practice, which enables any company to disseminate any kind of announcement the way they "want or need it". Nowadays every IT company or even a specialist who has some free time creates a self-catered cheap or free job site, sometimes even with some new technologies to attract customers without having a clue or relevant experience on what Human Resources really is "or how they eat it", with a primary purpose to make money. They will disseminate any information, in any desired way, as long as it's paid for. It's up to people to trust or use such sites of course... 

Quality Language Trainer 

Through its Language Center, skilled language specialists and modern training courses Career Center has brought up a generation of professionals with English and Russian skills, who are capable of speaking and writing with correct language in their professional fields. Career Center is one of the very few organizations that opened a Language Center with a primary purpose to teach languages, not sell certificates. So only those interested in learning languages attend the Career Center's Language Center. 

Last updated on: April 21, 2020 13:19
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