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Subscription Information

This page describes Subscription types offered by to legal entities.

This subscription is designed to maximize the effectiveness of posted announcements in several ways as described in the subscription benefits below.

Subscription Benefits include:
Complimentary orientation training. Provided to respective representatives or human resource departments of interested organizations and institutions on website system usage and advise on effective announcements construction (if necessary).
2. Personal and Contact Information is filled out One Time. Thereafter it is filled out automatically in the "Announcement fill out" form every time a new announcement is being filled out.
3. Save Draft announcements before final posting. Enables organizations to open and edit draft announcements as many times as necessary until the announcement is finalized and ready to be posted.
4. Modify Submitted & Posted Announcements.
5. Having Logo with all announcements. The logo must be entered only one time and thereafter it will automatically appear in all announcements.
6. Archive of all Posted or Expired announcements. A listing of all posted and expired announcements sorted by years and months can be quickly and easily retrieved.
7. Copy previously posted announcements into new. This benefit saves your time if a previous announcement includes a lot of information that must also be included in the new one, so you just make the necessary modifications for quickly posting the new announcements.

You can choose to post your announcements in one of the 3 available options below:

Option 1 - Subscription Types & Fees:
Subscription Type
Number of Announcements/ Year
Subscription Fees***/ Year (AMD)
Up to 5
Up to 20

Payment for any of the options in Option 1 must be made at once when choosing this option, and all announcements can be posted within one year from the actual start date. In case when even the half of announcements agreed are not posted within one year period those can be posted anytime later. I.e.: if you have choosen this option and paid for 20 announcements in advance, and have posted only 5 of those within one year, you can keep posting your announcements until you post a total of 10 announcements.

Option 2 - Subscription Fees:
Description Number of Announcements Fees***/ (AMD)
Account Opening & Service   .37,600 (one time)
Account Extension   .23,800/ Year (first time subscribers are not charged)
Posting Announcements each .19,800

In case if you subscribe by choosing a certain Subscription Type and at some point exceed the maximum allowed limit of announcements within your selected membership type, you can then change your subscription type with another relevant type for one year from that point on with the same agreement terms but with next available Subscription Type, its appropriate Number of Allowed Announcements and Subscription Fee as mentioned in this Subscription Information Page.

If the available Subscription types are not convenient for you or you want to post announcements of privileged character and choose to pay per posted announcement, you can find detail information in Option 3 below.

Option 3 -  Non-Subscriber:
Description Number of Announcements Fees***/ (AMD)
Non Privileged Ann. 1 .26,500 (Re-posting: 18,400)
Privileged Ann** 1 .83,100 (Re-posting: 59,400)


*, Inc. is an authorized retailer of services provided by For online payment with any of the above options, please follow the appropriate payment link provided right next to that particular option. Once you specify the type of announcements you want to make payments for please click the "Save and Check Out" button to fill out your credit card information and proceed until you get a payment acceptance confirmation. 
An announcement 1) not related to employment or career fields, 2) resulting in participants payment in any amount, 3) urgent posting need, 4) submitted for or on behalf of partner/ client organizations or without mentioning the organizatin name or details, 5) including any information of advertizing character is defined as privileged herein. As well as announcements disseminated by organizations involved in Casino, Lottery drawing, Tobacco, Alcohol, Oil/ Gas production, sales or distribution are considered privileged.
***.Fees include all taxes and represent the Total cost (so no need of any additional payments like VAT, etc). Reposting fees apply to announcements if at the time of reposting the next announcement its deadline doesn't exceed one month from the initial announcement posting date.

Note: Any single Private or Legal entity should Subscribe in order to be able to disseminate announcements through the network, while NGOs registered in Armenia can post 1 announcement free of charge.

If you want to subscribe offline, please send an e-mail to and provide us with information on the type of Subscription you're interested in, your full name, organization's complete and short name (if any) & your contact information and we will contact you at the soonest convenience. reserves the right to alter above Subscription terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.